Product Features

Multiple Assets across Location

  • Define and Create Assets across Locations tagging specific assets to specific location.
  • Tag Person in Charge and Evaluator- Ability to have different persons and map it to same asset.
  • Capture the Cost code, Identification number and any other information using Custom fields.

Asset Profile

  • Unique Asset profile page to track all information about a particular asset.
  • Link all documents related to asset enabling system driven alerts when an expiration is nearing.
  • QR tagging to every asset to access Asset profile through QR scanning.
  • Single page view to monitor all asset evaluation reports.

Enhanced Asset Evaluations

  • Ability to create multiple checklists and standards to enforce best practices while managing an asset.
  • Ability to schedule an entire evaluation schedule for an asset and setting reminders and alerts.
  • Ability to enforce evidence upload as part of evaluation process to ensure that the job is actually done according to best practices.
  • Ability to view the evaluation reports of any assets across locations at the click of a mouse.

Incident reporting and tracking

  • Ability to raise a incident for any issue related to assets.
  • Workflow definition to identify who can resolve the incident and what has been done to address the issue.
  • Single point view to see how many incidents were raised on an asset and its addressal methods.
  • Alerts to Senior management when any incident is being reported by floor employee.

Asset Documentation

  • Ability to upload all documents related to an asset. Serves as single point repository for any asset related information.
  • Ability to track expiration date of documents and alerting.

Incidents addressal through Jobs

  • Ability to create a job for any incident been raised and track the job.
  • Ability to link Jobs to checklist to ensure best practices are adopted while resolving an issue.
  • Audit trail and evidence based job management.

Dashboards and Custom Reporting

  • Custom reports and dashboards for Senior management to have access data to operations across locations.