Our mission is to provide a quality product through effective solutions to make happy customers


We are a technology company focused on leveraging technology in the Education domain – harnessing the power of software and data to better evaluate and track the professional development of teachers – to improve educational outcomes for students. The education domain has four major entities, usually referred to as the TAPS Ecosystem. TAPS stands for Teachers, Administrators, Parents and Students. While most software focused on a single entity viz. the student, providing solutions ranging from Personalized Learning to Item Banks to Video Enabled learning, we felt this often missed the forest for the trees so we decided to focus on the two main TAPS entities that ultimately achieve results – viz., Teachers and Administrators.At Headstream Technologies, our endeavor is to provide a world class quality product that makes customers focused, productive and happy.

Our Mission

Happy employees, amazing product, delighted customers. We do this by creating a world class product that makes a difference to our users that gives our customers an environment in which to achieve the most.

Our Vision

Our Vision is the raison d'etre of us here at Headstream Technologies. We strive to harness technology (data, analytics and reporting), providing a holistic solution to improve the efficiency, quality and performance of our customers.


Headstream Technologies

Pramod Damodaran


Pramod Damodaran is the CEO and Founder of Headstream Technologies. Pramod provides overall leadership and direction in strategic areas such as product direction, growth strategy and talent acquisition. He has over 14 years of experience in Product Management and Delivery across domains and has been a part of global organizations in his career. Pramod remains focused on meeting the needs of the company’s customers. Pramod constantly strives to achieve ever higher levels of organizational excellence and customer satisfaction by encouraging responsibility and accountability at all levels.

Pramod graduated in Engineering from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore and followed this up with an MBA from Pondicherry University.


We don’t have employees… nor do we have clocks in our offices… We believe in free spirited, creative individuals, who together weave a spell and build magical products that make the world a better place. We believe in building a great place to work, where people are inspired to be the best they can be. We believe our vision and our work ethic will attract the best talent, viz. the thinkers and doers who share our dreams and our vision.

Headstream Technologies